Waru is a leading provider of heritage services in Western Australia.
Our main focus is Indigenous heritage but Waru and its staff also have experience in historical and maritime archaeology, historical research and
heritage audits.

Waru was established in 2008 and has conducted hundreds of archaeological and ethnographic surveys, as well as excavations, site salvages and community consultations. Waru continues to work on projects large and small throughout Western Australia, with a wide range of Aboriginal groups.

Our clients include large and small mining companies, government authorities, Aboriginal corporations and land developers operating throughout Western Australia.

Waru is proficient in GIS and can provide clients with spatial data in a variety of formats.

Our team follow safe work practices, are environmentally responsible, understand the need for confidentiality, and practice clear communication. Waru has public liability insurance. Waru has the enviable record of zero safety incidents since its inception in 2008.